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707 Truthband | Green Island Growers

707 Truthband is a relative of the well known Headband strain.

707 Truthband

green island growers

Green Island Growers

indica dominant hybrid

Sun grown in soil with organic fertilizer and natural pest control, the 707 truthband from Green Island Growers is a good ol’ fashioned throwback to when cannabis was grown naturally and still tasted like marijuana and not a chemistry experiment gone wrong. The 707 Truthband is an indica dominant hybrid that definitely delivers on the indica side. It has a big creep that feels like your body is being encased in a cocoon of warm soft as velvet wonderfulness. The flavors are a bit of fruit like apricot with a bit of skunk cabbage funk and small pepper notes in the finish.
707 truthband comes in handy for that end of the day, nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile, type of enjoyment.

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