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707 Headband | Seattle Private Reserve | Review

seattles-private-reserve-200-200707 Headband is a well known strain known for its super dense stony effects.

And so in keeping with our human quality of deciding what we desire based on smell, taste, and sight, I can tell you that the later in this case would be the obvious choice.

707 Headband Review

Based on the GSS scale (Ganga Sparkle Spectrum) I would easily give this one a 9.4. In fact this weed is so sparkly it inspired me to invent this scale to measure it. If I could shrink myself, I can only imagine what it would look like if I were down inside this Bud. It would be like cave of the Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal” after the Gelfing blew it up and let in the sun. (P.S. if ya don’t know, The Dark Crystal is a movie.)

Look Closely At Those Sparkling Trichomes

The best way to enjoy this strain is with a jewelers loop available at your local grow store. It really is just too pretty to burn, but if you insist, I would recommend a vaporizer.

Its musky clover sweetness is more like vegetables than fruit. Although I detect a slight piney after-scent, there is hardly a hint of it coming through in the first hit that feels as gentle as cotton candy on my tongue. By my own admission, I am partial to cultivating Pot in naturally grown soil because I believe it brings out the best terpenes. I also think it makes for happier plants, and happy plants make better buzzes.

Seattle Private Reserve 707 Headband Is Outstanding

Minh and the team at Seattle Private Reserve have done an outstanding job growing this cut of 707 Headband. I can tell these were happy plants, not just by the way this Bud looks, smells, and tastes, but by the way it makes me feel. I guess “contented” is the word. I’m not experiencing any pent up energy driven A.D.D. feelings, nor am I feeling especially creative.

707 Headband Is Perfect For Picnics

I’m just calm, relaxed, and enjoying the sunshine on warm pre-spring day. This would be a great strain for a picnic in the country, a gentle hike, or if you feel like you need to settle down. Some Juicy Fruit gum sounds good right now. It does seem to be slightly munchie, but not an entire quart of Ben and Jerrys munchie. It’s just a nice gentle high that comes on immediately and runs its entire course in about 4 hours.

This strain tickled my antennae, and I’m sure it would do the same to you, if you had antennae. But even if you don’t, stop by my mushroom sometime and pick up some of this Seattle Private Reserve’s naturally grown Herb, I’m sure it will tickle something.

Warm Regards,
the Caterpillar

707 Headband Sativa Dominate Hybrid 24.88 % THC

“Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you should appreciate them.”

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