420 specials


420 Deals

420 deals abound on that special day that celebrates cannabis in all its glory!

420 Deals!

First 25 / 25% OFF

Get in early to SAVE BIG

For our best 420 deals, if you are one of our first 25 customers on 4/20/19 then you can get a whopping 25% off on your purchase, PLEASE NOTE: This is not including items that are already marked down.
Here is a list of all our best 420 deals:

420 Specials

  • Large Quantities Blow-Out
    • This includes ¼, ½, and 1oz
      • Agrijuana Ounces $120
      • Dream City Ounce $99
      • Green Force Pharms $95
      • Lifted Quarter $82
      • Heritage Group Half $42
      • Heritage Group Ounce $80
      • Emerald Fields Quarter $14.20
      • Emerald Fields Half $25.00
      • Cut Above Ounce $99
      • Green Rush Ounce $199
      • Sweetwater Farms Ounce $199
      • US Cannabis Ounce $199
  • Green Island Growers
    • Dabs $9.20
    • Flower
      • Grams $4.20
      • Eighths $11.20
      • Quarters $21.20
      • Half $32.30
  • Interra
    • $3.00 Prerolls
    • $60 Ounces
  • Medicine Woman
    • 10pk of Prerolls $15.00
  • Walden
    • 2g Flower $7.20
    • 14g Trim $14.20
  • Saints
    • Grams $7.20
    • Eighths $25.20

Carts Specials

  • Flavored Green Rush Carts $33.00 Reg. $43.00
  • Agrijuana Full Gram Carts $27.00 Reg. $37.00

Topicals 420 Deals

  • Ceres Relax topical $14.00 reg 19.50

Monthly Special

This month features Mt Baker Gardens for 20% off all month long! While supplies last so get in while you can to try some Original Glue and 5th Element. Mt Baker Gardens grows top shelf organic cannabis.

Daily Discounts for 4/19 through 4/21 Save 15% on these featured items

Friday – Emerald City large quantities from a 1/4 oz on up get marked down 15%
Saturday4/20 is here! In addition to the Red Congolese, Mt Baker, and other items that will be on sale, get Autrees Nursery at 15% off!
Sunday – Easter Sunday find Soulshine Concentrates as Caterpillar’s Choice on sale


Thank You Deadheads For 420 Deals

Thank those fans of the Grateful Dead for creating 420, a day and time to universally celebrate cannabis. The culture of the fanbase has intertwined with not only the music but also the legalization of marijuana movement. And for that, we are GRATEFUL!


Rogue Raven Vendor Day

3 to 6 pm

On of our favorites and been with us since day one, Rogue Raven will be stopping by for a Vendor Day on 4/19. Drop by to say hi and check out their amazing organic top shelf cannabis.

April Month Long Special

Mt Baker Gardens

All month long save 20% on these producers amazing organic marijuana. They take their cultivation very seriously; very passionate about best organic practices and environmentally sustainable growing techniques.

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Specializing in landrace sativas like Red Congolese, Green Bluff Greenhouse come in wonderfully unique jars. They exemplify small batch boutique cultivators.

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