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From The Soil

Featured Farm

15% off! 10/14 – 10/21

From the Soil

15% off

From The Soil is new to White Rabbit and we are excited to share their great organic cannabis. This week, From the Soil offers three choice strains that you should check out if you have never tried them before. We are featuring three strains:
GTH x Tangie – Sativa dominant hybrid with the citrus notes of tangie 
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Airpro Vendor Day 4 to 7pm | Agrijuana Special

Person who chases two rabbits catches neither.      



Airpro Vendor Day

Friday 10/12/18

AiroPro’s (formerly IndigoPro) Advanced Vapor System, one of the leading brands of marijuana vaporizers and is our Vendor for this weeks vendor day! Be sure to drop by today from 4pm – 7pm to talk to a representitive for their product!



Agrijuana available in the larger quantities at 15% off

Leafwerx lil blazers

Through Oct 31

All month long save on Leafwerx lil blazers at 25% off!

Fairwinds tinctures

Through Oct 31

25% off all month long! […]

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Laughingman Farms | Farm Special | Kendawg Lemon Alien Chernobyl

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.

John Steinbeck

Laughingman Farms

Week Long Special

Chernobyl, Lemon Alien, Kendawg

10/6 to 10/13

Laughingman Farms brings the mirth that carries smiles to the universe. However, the serious care and attention they pay to producing amazing cannabis? No laughing matter. Everything that makes producing environmentally sustainable organic crops so difficult makes for a hard path. You have to be willing to […]

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Bacon’s Buds Clementine | Strain of the Week

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

Bacon’s Buds


Strain of the Week


Bacon’s Buds is on sale this week for 15% off. This sativa dominant hybrid sports the sort of citrus notes similar to tangie from which it is derived but takes it one step further by combining the tangie with lemon skunk. So if you like sweet and citrus style sativas you will love Clementine.

Nasty Jacks

Wed. 10/3

Nasty Jacks makes some […]

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Honu | Vendor Day 4pm to 7pm | Sale Today


Vendor Day

Honu visits today!

An Award Winner fri 9/28

Honu brings Aloha spirit to their products, you can feel the love and attention they pay to creating excellent celebrations of cannabis. From the flower to the edibles, everything Honu does they do well.

Bacon’s Buds

Saturday 9/29

Have you tried Bacon’s Buds yet? I just tried their Rainmaker and I have to say that it completely surprised me how nuanced and beguiling it was. Review follows below.

Honu Concentrates

Sunday 9/30

A great week only climbs the heights […]

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Black Cherry Soda | Mink Farms | Strain of the Week

Mink Farms

Black Cherry Soda

Strain of the Week

Black Cherry Soda. Everything about it sounds delicious. You could even say it backwards and still get a kick out of saying it. Which is to say that it is a kick tasting it. With Mink Farms, they care so much about the proper curing that you get to experience the flavor as it should be enjoyed. These days bud goes by so many names it is hard to keep up. So cannabis that builds its […]

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Dream City Cannabis | Featured Farm | Saturday 9-22

Dream City

Dream CIty Cannabis

featured farm for Saturday 9/22

Stop in and enjoy a 15% discount on all Dream City cannabis while supplies last. Dream City features a collection of excellent strains and they are constantly striving to raise their standards. Whether it is cultivating new or classic strains, they always deliver flower that positively shines with resinous crystals. Their pre-rolls burn smooth and even. Their concentrates are flower extracts from buds, not just sugar trim or stems. It is obvious they go the […]

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San Juan Berries | Western Cultured | Strain of the Week

San Juan Berries

Western Cultured

San Juan Berries from Western Cultured crosses two legendary indica strains, Blueberry and OG Kush. OG Kush pretty much stands as the foundation for just about every great indica strain known today and Blueberry goes way back as well. So, consider this blend of the sweet berry fruit of blueberry and the more peppery hash notes of OG Kush a perfect marriage of sweet and savory. That pretty much describes the lush indica indulgence this strain delivers […]

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Rogue Raven Farms | Vendor Day 4 to 7pm

Rogue Raven

Vendor Day

4 to 7 pm

Rogue Raven

Stop by from 4 to 7pm to learn more about this amazing cannabis producer! Save on all their great strains and find out what makes this farm so unique.

Rogue Raven has over 100 strains that range from the new and popular to the timeless classics and award winning strains. They take great care to produce organic and pesticide free and when you just look at the incredible amount of trichromes on their […]

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Kendawg | Laughingman Farms


strain of the week

Kendawg brings together Chem #4 with a rare Sativa dominant phenotype of the classic Ken’s GDP known as, GDP #2. So, expect an intense sativa that brings forth all the intense flavor and effects sativa lovers enjoy. The “Kendawg” blossoms forth with a big lovely rose sweetness but with peppery spice. The smell and taste hint at the effect to come. Expect a smooth sailing rose parade that ends with a spicy feeling. Like, you came home […]

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