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Marmalade | Saints Cannabis | Hybrid


Strain of the Week


Saints Marmalade strain comes to White Rabbit this week. Marmalade strain balances the heady euphoria of sativa with wonderful body buzz of indica.

The company started in Georgetown in the south end of Seattle. Notably, the company originated in the Seattle Medical Cannabis community. Saints are dedicated to making the highest […]

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Chernobyl | Laughingman Farms | strain of the week


Laughingman Farms

Strain of the Week


The Chernobyl strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that crosses Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper. Originally developed by TGA Subcool Seeds, the Chernobyl strain brings out the best of the sativas. Yet also, a nice balance with the indica side, so flavor peaks with a great balance of citrus notes and a berry aftertaste. It makes you think of a great Summer fruit cocktail sparkling with effervescence. I don’t get […]

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Seafair | Cannabis Sale | Save on Chipper Gardens Aloha Botanicals Thundersticks

Seafair Sale

Save on Thundersticks

Discounts on select brands

Seafair brings out the party spirit of summer fun and frolic. Drop by White Rabbit on your way to the water and pick up some great savings on Thundersticks and save big on Aloha Botanics joints 4pk of .5 sized joints marked down to $7.50 from $9! That is an insane price for great joints that will save you […]

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Donkey Butter | Bacon’s Buds | strain of the week

Donkey Butter

Strain of the Week

Bacon’s Buds

Bacon’s Buds is a family farm located in the hills of Washougal striving to grow the highest quality, most naturally grown cannabis that people can find.

According to their website:
“We grow all of our cannabis in certified organic soil. Our soil is teeming with worms and other beneficial organisms that help to keep the soil aerated and well mixed, and prevent pests, […]

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Sweetwater Farms | Strawberry Lemonade


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Strawberry Lemonade

Strain of the Week

Sweetwater Farms

Strawberry Lemonade is a sativa-dominant strain cross of  Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG . Strawberry Lemonade offers the tangy citrus awake and alert pep with the more fruity and sedative qualities of Strawberry Cough. Enjoy this […]

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710 Day | Canna Concentrates On Sale!

Happy July 10th!

Canna Concentrates 10% OFF

Save on Carts and Wax and more

July 10th has become the way to celebrate 710 otherwise known as OIL DAY! Come into White Rabbit and enjoy a sweet 10% discount on our huge selection of cannabis extracts. We have carts and rosin and many types of wax, sugar, and crumble. If you are into the dabs, then this is the day to stock up on what you love and try […]

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Lemon Alien OG | Laughing Man Farms

Store Anniversary July 1!

Entire Store Discount

Stop by on July 1st and celebrate our three year anniversary with us. We will have a store-wide discount of 10% off the entire store and some of our favorite producers will be stopping by to say hi.

Strain of the Week

Lemon Alien OG from Laughing Man Farms brings an ethereal and out of this world lemon terpiness that defines the best Alien OG. This very indica dominant hybrid will […]

Anniversary Sale Head’s Up!

3 year anniversary sale

Three Years Of Love!

As we like to say, “Peace, love, and great cannabis”, and we are so grateful to all our wonderful customers! Truly, you make our dream possible. To live by those words, and be able to share our love for cannabis with such great customers, we thank all of you. You make our wish a reality. In celebration of our third year in recreational cannabis, on July 1st we are going to […]

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Zoots, LeafWerx And More

New Products!

In addition to Zoots and Green Revolution, check out some of the new products that came in this week from some of our most beloved and trusted vendors. If you have never tried the LeafWERX carts then you might want to give them a taste. The original terpenes are captured wonderfully so the flavor of the strain remains intact and the sensation stays consistent with what you would expect.
For those that dig the edibles, then the Cannabursts and Zoots cannot go […]

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White Rabbit Food Drive | Donate for discounts!

White Rabbit Food Drive

White Rabbit’s Yearly Food Drive!

In June, bring a food item for our food drive to donate to the Edmonds Food Bank and get 5% off your entire purchase! For as cheap as a package of $.29 cent package of Ramen noodles you can save a bunch of bucks. Yes, you heard right, save on your buds and feel good about helping those in need. The Edmonds Food Bank provides assistance to struggling families. In […]

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