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Sitka | Kief and Leaf


product review

Kief and Leaf

Always a pleasure reviewing anything by Sitka. The company consistently raises the bar on so many levels. So, I jumped at the chance came to check out their “Kief and Leaf” preroll two packs. In fact, I pretty much start drooling like a drunk frat boy with my jaw hanging at the end of a raging kegger.

I admit Sitka first caught my attention with their hashish; true bliss […]

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GreenRush | Farm of the week


Farm of the Week

All GreenRush Flower 15% OFF!

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week with a great discount on wide selection of flower from GreenRush Cannabis. We are featuring all their great organic cannabis on sale until the 24th of March. Drop by to see the current strains which include:
  • Biker Glue
  • Oregon Diesel
  • Epoxy
  • Big City Lights
  • Comatose

More deals this week…

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Agrijuana | Fairwinds | Dynamic Harvest | New Arrivals

Agrijuana, Fairwinds, more

Coming in this week

Lot’s of great new products coming in this week. We have prerolls from Blue Bastard, great flower from Agrijuana, those amazing tinctures from Fairwinds and more, so take a look. As always, if you know of any particular vendor or strain or any type of product you would like us to carry, then feel free to share. We love hearing feedback on all our selections. Our first […]

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Rocket Fuel | Lifted Cannabis | Indica Hybrid

Rocket Fuel

Lifted Cannabis

Strain of the week

Rocket Fuel from Lifted Cannabis Company creates a seriously booming indica hybrid from the well known Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG. Lifted Cannabis does an amazing job with it and I recommend checking out their instagram feed to see how epic their grow looks. The buds look so good you almost want to just take them and make them into a sculpture that can capture […]

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ST Helens Dabs

ST Helens Dabs

Caterpillar’s Choice

Delicious Dabs!

Come today for the incredible collection of concentrates from ST Helens. We are getting big smiles from everyone that has tasted them and staff that has reviewed them all agree. The ST Helens concentrates glisten with a beautiful honey glow, taste super smooth, and deliver the goods in terms of effects. No wonder Caterpillar chose them for today’s concentrate special!
Only while supplies last, we have the St […]

707 Truthband | Green Island Growers

707 Truthband

Green Island Growers

indica dominant hybrid

Sun grown in soil with organic fertilizer and natural pest control, the 707 truthband from Green Island Growers is a good ol’ fashioned throwback to when cannabis was grown naturally and still tasted like marijuana and not a chemistry experiment gone wrong. The 707 Truthband is an indica dominant hybrid that definitely delivers on the indica side. It has a big creep that feels like your body […]

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Ceres Vendor Day | Medicine Woman Fainting Goat More


Strain of the Week 15% off!

Autrees Nursery

Autrees describes their Pudding strain as a 70/30 indica hybrid. There is a sativa dominant version of this strain but Autrees designates it as predominantly indica. In this case, I would describe it as a vibrant indica. Many folks tend to over-simplify and stereotype indica as “couch lock”. However, there are plenty of bright indicas that bring the sunshine through the windows of your mind. Take […]

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Cliffside Cannabis | Vendor Day Today

Cliffside Cannabis

Vendor Day

4 to 7pm Friday 2/15

If someone told you to jump off a cliff… would you do it?

Actually, depends if it was Cliffside Cannabis. Because, truth be told… They are definitely jumping off! Come by today and find out what makes them a peak worth climbing.

They produce fine organic marijuana so if you would like to learn more and find out what great strains they are working on, how they put […]

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Grape Ape | US Cannabis | Strain of the Week

Grape Ape

Strain of the Week

US Cannabis

Grape Ape offers an indica truly for indica lovers! Basically crossing all the best indicas, including Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani, you get the penultimate indica. As Strain of the Week, Grape Ape by US Cannabis comes through with that distinctive grape scent and sweet flavor. Many folks rave about the strain for relaxtions, pain relief, stress relief, and soothing anxiety.

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Magic Time Farms and From The Soil | Magic in the soil

Magic Time Farms & From The Soil

A family cannabis farm

From the Soil and Magic Time Farms share a unique bond.

When people transplant from California to the Pacific Northwest, they often hear “did you bring the sun with you?” In the case of Artie Parent, he brought two. Two sons, that is, AJ and Andy, the owners of Magic Time Farms and From the Soil.

The sons were […]

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