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Honu Edibles | Holiday Hours

Honu Edibles

Honu Edibles On Sale

15% Off Wed. 12/19

Honu edibles wins awards for good reason. From their organic flower to their concentrates, and everything in between, they produce consistently outstanding cannabis treats. I personally am a big fan of their edibles. Their chocolate inspired confections bring joyful tidings. If you like Chocolate Turtles, then just imagine how good they can be with a bit of cannabis to boost them past delicious and into ethereal. So dang good. (Make sure to watch how many […]

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Candy Cane | Hang Roots | More Specials

Holiday Sales!

Candy Cane Strain of the Week

More Specials:

Sunday’s Concentrate is Dose Extracts
Monday’s Paraphernalia is All Glass for All of December 20% OFF!
Tuesday’s Drink are the Zoots Drops and Shots
Wednesday’s Edible is Honu
Thursday’s Preroll are Sweetwater Farms Joints
Friday’s Large Quantites from Black Diamons
Saturday’s Featured Farm is Agrijuana


30% OFF!

From Dec.17 to Dec. 24, what would be better than this incredible product from Fairwinds at an insane discount – […]

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Magic Time

Magic Time

Farm of the Week

Magic Time Farms is the featured Farm of the Week, so we are featuring all the great products from Magic Time at 15% off!
Their strains include: Hell’s Fire, Dogwalker OG, Loud Berry, and Mandarin Cookies.

Also enjoy saving on…

Tue Dec 4 – Legal Sodas 15% off

Wed. Dec. 5 – Cannaburst discounted […]

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Strawberry Banana strain | Autrees

More deals this week…

Strain of the Week

Strawberry Banana

Indica Dominant Hybrid, the Strawberry Banana strain is a genetic cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum,


Wednesday Nov. 28 – THC Expresss on sale 15% off

Thursday Nov. 29  – Rogue Raven pre-rolls on sale in an assortment of strains

Friday Nov. 30 – Aloha Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm 

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Green Friday Super Sale | Green Bluff Greenhouse Vendor Day

Green Friday

Black Friday

Year’s Biggest Sale!

The cannabis take on Black Friday sales, “Green Friday”, means huge discounts store-wide. Getting into the holiday spirit has never been easier and more fun than heading into White Rabbit for our year’s best deals. We have everything from dabs and flower to glass and edibles on sale. Find some items over 40% off!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed for Thanksgiving and open again on Friday when we will open the doors to our biggest sale of the year on Black Friday/Green Friday. We wish you all the best; we are thankful for…

Our customers who are so loyal and friendly!

Our producers that work so hard to create great cannabis!

Friends and Family that surround us with love!

Legal cannabis growing in acceptance worldwide!

The bounty at our table that we can share!

The toys people have brought for our […]

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Cookies Strain | Saints | Black Friday Coming!


Strain of the Week


 Saints produces some incredible top shelf marijuana. This week we are proud to feature their take on the popular Cookies strain. Cookies is a a hybrid, with a 60% indica and 40% sativa genetic makeup. It comes from a cross of Durban Poison (a sativa) and OG Kush (a hybrid).

15% off!

Every Day Discounts

Every day there is a deal in store at White Rabbit! This week we […]

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Kimbo Kush | Animal Cookies | Heritage Group

Heritage Group

Animal Cookies Kimbo Kush

Big Bag Big Deal Discount

Animal Cookies are popular hybrids that are duly revered by canna enthusiasts the world over. You know it is a great strain when you really can’t find a bad crop of it. However, finding producers like Heritage Group, who do a great job with their strains is always a treat. Getting it at less than $60 for a half ounce? Unbeatable.

We love the great outdoors. So why wouldn’t we love marijuana grown with love […]

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Toy Drive | Bring a toy and save 10%

Toy Drive

Save 10% Off Entire Purchase

Bring in a toy for the Edmonds Food Bank for a kid in need this holiday season and you will save 10% off your entire purchase. The easiest way to get more for less and do more than you can imagine for children that are less privileged. Also, keep in mind, the toy can be gently used. It doesn’t have to be new. Any toy in […]

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Canna Vape Product Guide

“There’s a vape for everyone at The White Rabbit.”

Vape Battery Technology

We stock select companies to help you get the most of your vaping experience. If you’re new to oil vaping, it can be easy to get lost deciding which battery is right for you. So here’s a guide to let you know which way to go!

What is a Cannabis Vape?

Cannabis vape batteries are comprised of two mechanical devices used to create vapor from cannabis oil. These devices may be […]

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