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Magic Time Farms Concentrates | Weekly Specials

Magic Time Farms Concentrates

Caterpillar’s Choice

Also From The Soil

Wonderful Magic Time Farms concentrates and From the Soil concentrates impress The Caterpillar. So much so, these tasty dabs shine as his choice concentrate of the week. Get a 15% discount on any of the From the Soil and Magic Time Farms concentrates.

Celebrate our Anniversary!

White Rabbit Cannabis 4th year anniversary is fast approaching; come celebrate with us! We love our customers and our gratitude flows like a river from […]

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White Gorilla | Pura Vida Cannabis

Pura Vida Cannabis

Product Review

Just tried White Gorilla from Pura Vida Cannabis. Get ready to breath in that Pure Life with Pura Vida flower or concentrates during this week’s Vendor Day.

Cracking open the jar of white gorilla strain flower is like  ripping opening a present with something shiny inside; the feeling of excitement builds with the first sight of the jar, escalating as the seal is broken. You feel your heart […]

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Egreen Oils Sleek Terpene Pens

Egreen Oils Sleek Terpene Pen

Egreen Oils Sleek terpene pens arrived as the new vape batteries in the house. The Egreen Oils “Sleek” terpene pen will be our replacement for the Vuber Pilot. These guys are pretty dope so here’s the breakdown about them.

So a cool little thing about these puppies is that the color of the battery indicates the level of charge that it has.

  • Green is 51%-100%
  • Yellow is 50%-2%
  • Red is 1%-2%

This is an awesome feature […]

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Food Drive For Edmonds Food Bank

Annual Food Drive

Give and Save $$$

The entire month of June we run an annual food drive to benefit Edmonds Food Bank. These great folks work hard to take care of those in need, and we love to assist in that effort. So, bring in a food item for our drive bins and get 5% off your total order.

Edmonds Food Bank Info

From their website:

“Our mission is: To provide, free of charge, fresh […]

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Prohibition Stash Boxes | Food Drive Push

Donate & Save!

Edmonds Food Drive on

Don’t forget to bring a food item for our annual food drive to benefit the Edmonds Food Bank. They take care of those in need and we love helping them help our community. What goes around comes around. Help us to support them with our best drive ever. You get 5% off your entire order when you do. (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Monthly Special

This month features […]

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Dutch Treat | Food Drive | Specials

June Food Drive!

Don’t forget, every day in June if you bring in an item for our food drive, then you can get 5% off your entire purchase! Pay it forward and we will make it worth your while. For less than a buck you can help someone and save a few bucks at the same time!

Dutch Treat Hybrid

Western Cultured

Strain of the Week June 16 – 22
Classic Old School Hybrid

Dutch Treat brings many fond memories […]

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Orgrow Infused Prerolls | Father’s Day Sale | Food Drive

Summer Food Drive

Bring in a food item for our Summer Food drive and save 5% off your entire purchase! (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Father’s Day Specials

Stop in on Sunday to make Pops happy with a handy one hitter or one of those always amazing Sitka joints wrapped in hashish!

Orgrow EHO Infused Prerolls

15% off June 14

Orgrow Cannabis

The Orgrow ethanol extraction […]

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Cornbread indica | Mt Baker Gardens

Cornbread Indica

Mt Baker Gardens

Strain of the Week June 9 – 15
Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cornbread indica crosses Katsu Bubba Cross with Rare Dankness #2 and creates an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain. Cornbread reviews typically note the heavy body effects. So, if you like the big body high, and love indicas, then cornbread indica delivers the goods. The strain can be found for 15% off this week as our strain of the week; as always, while supplies last.

June 9


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AJ’s Sour Diesel | Dream City

AJ’s Sour Diesel by Dream City Cannabis

Product Review

Sour Diesel perks ears up whenever it is mentioned. The strain goes way back to the 90s so it has been around a while. Typically, strains that remain ever popular do so for good reason. In fact, if the genetics remain strong enough that even less skilled growers can look good growing it, then that explains the longevity. In the case of Dream City, you […]

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Soulshine Cannabis | vendor day

Soulshine Cannabis

Vendor Day!

4 to 7pm

Today, please stop by and meet the great folks from Soulshine Cannabis. Their products get marked down 15% while they are here and you can learn more about their strains and what makes them special. Soulshine Cannabis features some amazing and exclusive strains, including the ever popular and award winning Narnia.

They also make killer concentrates which Caterpillar featured earlier this week. We also enjoy their Lodi Dodi, Romulan, Klingon, and Mandarin Cookies.

June 7

15% 10g […]

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